New Years Resolutions

For year’s I’ve been resolving to start a spa blog…so it seems that a
resolution blog is the best way to start off the year AND the blog!

are a great way to help stay on track for your new years resolutions
and goals. Some popular goals we can help with include:

  • Reducing Stress/ more “me” time: I think that any spa services are the best way to go about this!
  • Quit
    biting your nails:  Regular manicures are helpful in growing nails.
    First, if nails look good, you’re less likely to bite.  Second,
    professional manicures can help with dry, dead skin around the nail and
    cuticle that are so tempting to chew, especially in the winter.  Third,
    if you have a thick gel polish like Shellac on your nails, trust me,
    they aren’t as fun to bite (spoken by a reformed nail biter!)
  • Weight
    Loss/Fitness Goals: While massages won’t melt the pounds (we’d be rich
    if they did!) they will help keep you in shape, especially if you’ve
    gone from couch to champ overnight!  As your body gets used to new
    workouts, it is possible to get injured.  Massages will help keep you on
    target to meet your goals so you don’t miss too many gym sessions for
    soreness and injuries.

We look forward to seeing you in 2014 and helping you to have your best year ever!

smnycollageCassie and the spa team

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