Sports Massage

Every two years when the Olympics roll around, I’m reminded that it is
the perfect time to discuss sports massage!  Sports massage is a
treatment that focuses more on specific muscle groups impacted by
activity and common areas of injury.  Don’t let the name fool you,
sports massage is also perfect for people struggling with non-athletic

In contrast to a general relaxation massage, with
sports therapy you might experience more assessment and questions from
the therapist about your activity level, goals, pain, or injury.  In
most cases, a sports therapy massage is not a full-body treatment, but
rather just focused on a few muscle groups.  You may also expect some
assisted stretches and to be asked to engage muscle groups while the
therapist is working so it is not an ideal time to catch up on your

Who can benefit from a sports massage:

    with a soft tissue injury (i.e. foot and ankle pain, rotator cuff
    injuries, wrist and hand pain, hamstring pain, back pain, and more)
  • Athletes looking to recover faster from intense training or events
  • Athletes looking to enhance their performance with a pre-game workout

East Village Spa, our therapists Justin, Clair, Stacy, and Teresa have
advanced training in sports massage techniques and offer the Athletic
Edge Sports Massage.  This full hour treatment is as varied as our
clients injuries and activities and can include stretching or Thai
massage techniques, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, Swedish
massage to boost circulation, invitorating massage to prepare muscles
for an upcoming event, and some injury assessment.  Some sports massage
is done unclothed but draped by sheets like traditional massage, but you
may wish to bring loose athletic clothing if you prefer (or if your
therapist recommends) lots of assisted stretching.

Our massage therapist demonstrate various sports massage techniques (clockwise from top left): Assisted Stretching, Myofascial Release, Assisted Stretching, Neuromuscular (trigger point) Therapy.

Click HERE to schedule your sports massage with Clair, Stacy, Justin, or Teresa.  Their schedules tend to fill in advance, to do plan ahead if you are preparing for a big competition or event to make sure you get the treatments you need to perform your best and recover faster!

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