Meet Mallory!

We are excited to introduce you to our newest team member, Mallory Roghair.  Mallory is a Licensed Massage Therapist with experience managing a busy spa desk.  She will be spending half of her time with us providing massage therapy and the other half helping out at the desk and getting to know all of our guests.

Mallory was one of Cassie’s favorite students.  She also has previously worked with several of our massage therapists and when they heard Mallory would be joining the team they were thrilled to be working with her again!

Mallory’s massage interests run the spectrum.  She has been employed at a massage clinic and also worked as a massage therapist for Hospice.  She has studied relaxation techniques and also sports and deep tissue massage and is excited to be able to work our clients as they have very diverse treatment needs and goals.

Mallory starts training with us next week so you will be able to meet her at our front desk soon.  Her first day seeing clients will be April 30th.  Want to be one of the first people to enjoy Mallory’s great work at our spa?  Click here to schedule!

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