Meet Allison Peterson, our Newest Massage Therapist!

Allison Peterson, BA, LMT, started seeing massage clients at our spa this month and is a great addition to our skilled team of licensed massage therapists.  Allison has a degree in kinesiology and communication from Iowa State and has been dancing since she was 3 years old.  She was very active in dance programs at Iowa State and has traveled the world teaching movement workshops.

Allison teaching at a Salsa workshop

Allison teaching at a Salsa workshop

In addition to providing relaxation and sports massage at our spa, Allison continues to dance and teach ballroom and salsa dancing.  She is a great fit for clients who like a nurturing and gentle personality, but who also enjoy deep tissue or more focused work on areas of pain or injury.  Allison’s personal experience in coping with an injury through yoga and movement makes her extra sensitive to the needs of clients who are in pain.


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