Celebrate National Iced Tea Day!

I’ll admit to being a few cups of coffee in (early morning) while driving to work when I heard on the radio that it is National Iced Tea Day so I couldn’t resist a stop at my favorite East Village neighbor, Gong Fu Tea for an iced herbal tea.

Can’t decide which kind of iced tea you’d enjoy to help you cool off today?  I got some suggestions from tea expert, George Taylor at Gong Fu.

Herbal Tea Suggestion: According to George, a fruit-flavored herbal tea like Fruit Fantasia (my pick today!) with a Rooibos base is a great choice.  He explained that because rooibos absorbs flavor well, it is frequently used as a base for many herbal teas.  Because it does not contain caffeine, it is a good choice for an evening beverage or for kids. These teas are high in vitamin c and antioxidants.  The fruity rooibos blends like raspberry delight, peach rooibos, or fruit fantasia might even work as a juice substitute for kids, especially if you add a touch of natural sweetness from honey.

Green Tea Suggestion: George recommends Moroccan mint.  It is great hot, but when iced, the mint really pops to make it super refreshing and cooling on a hot day.

Black Tea Suggestion: In the midwest, a good, straight black iced tea is popular.  George suggests the ceylon black tips tea.  He recommends it because while it is a nice standard black iced tea, it is a much better quality version than the mass marketed brands.  This tea is not too light or too strong and doesn’t become astringent when iced.

Gong Fu Tea Collage

Left to Right: Gong Fu Awning, My Fruit Fantasia iced tea in progress, our friend George Taylor, who is one of our favorite reasons to visit Gong Fu, and the beautiful vibrant red Fruit Fantasia.

Visit Gong Fu, just a block north of East Village Spa, at 414 East 6th Street.