Gift card FAQ and troubleshooting

We love the simplicity of online gift cards and for those who are new to purchasing from our Zenoti online store, we’re happy to walk you through the process. First things first, PLEASE create an account. We don’t use this to market to you, but it is imperative if the recipient loses the gift card or accidentally deletes the e-mail. We can use your name to help find it. If you check out as a guest, it is really awkward when someone calls to ask for our help locating a gift card they’ve lost and doesn’t want to fess up to the purchaser. Click here for our online booking and gift card store.

Get to the online gift card page

Step 1 (desktop or laptop computer): Click the green “Book now or purchase gift card” button. From there, click the tab on the top right for “Gift Cards” and that will take you to our online gift card page.

If you’re using a phone or tablet, it will look different (see below). Go to our home page and click the green “book now or purchase gift card” button on top, then you’ll get to the mobile enabled page which has the menu as 3 bars in the top right corner. Click that for the menu to appear.

The menu on the phone will then look like this:

Select your amount

Once you’ve selected the “Gift Cards” tab, you’ll choose an amount. We have several pre-selected amounts, or if you scroll to the bottom there is an option for a customized amount.

We do not sell gift cards for specific services as our menu changes seasonally.

Complete your order and e-mail your gift card

Once you’ve selected your amount, you can choose where the gift card will be sent. If want to print and hand-deliver or mail your gift card, enter your own e-mail address to have it sent to you. If you want to e-mail it to someone else, use their e-mail address. Remember, please create an account. I promise it will be worth the extra time if the gift card is lost or accidentally deleted. You’ll usually get the receipt right away but it takes a few minutes to get the actual e-mailed gift card.


If you have an issue with your online gift cards, fear not (especially if you created the account like we asked you to!) These are the most common issues and solutions.

  • The recipient (or I) never received the e-mail! It is probably in a spam folder or security net. Tell them to search for an e-mail from Some work e-mails from government agencies, law or financial firms sometimes catch our gift card e-mails up in their security settings for a few days.
  • Your online booking system won’t accept my gift card number to reserve an appointment. As it states on our online scheduler, a credit card is required to hold your reservation, but you can pay with your gift card at the time of service. We won’t charge the credit card used to reserve the appointment unless the appointment is missed without adequate cancellation notice. You can use your gift card to reserve an appointment over the phone.
  • I sent the gift card awhile ago but we lost it. You can re-send it! Keep your receipt, you’ll need the gift card number and the e-mail address. You can re-send it or check the balance to see if it has been used. Go back to the gift card tab and click the green button to “resend my gift card”

If all of the above don’t work, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (515) 309-2904 or e-mail with details about the date of purchase, your name, the recipient’s name, and the amount of the gift card. We sincerely appreciate you thinking of us for your gift and can’t wait to take amazing care of your loved ones at East Village Spa!

Small Business Saturday

At East Village Spa, we LOVE the Small Business Saturday movement. We will be participating on Saturday, November 26th with free adorable tote bags for the first 10 people to purchase retail items in our shop in November 26th.

We have 10 FREE limited edition 2016 Shop Small tote bags to give away!

We have 10 FREE limited edition 2016 Shop Small tote bags to give away!

Not sure what to get? Our team members shared some ideas of their favorite spa retail gift ideas AND some small businesses you need to check out.

Cassandra: From East Village Spa I recommend anything Farmhouse Fresh! A lotion and body wash or shea butter soap are a great gift.  Two other stores I recommend are Wanderlust and Jett and Monkey’s Dog Shoppe.

Casey: In addition to gifts at our spa, our receptionist Casey suggests you visit Look @ You in the East Village because the owner, Amber, rocks and their jewelry assortment is amazing. It truly is a hidden gem!

Honey Heel Glaze is a perfect gift for men or women!

Honey Heel Glaze is a perfect gift for men or women!

Dawn: I’m love getting all of my sons’ teachers Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Hand Creams because everyone has such dry skin this time of year and they smell amazing! I also like grabbing a few items at Raygun and Hill Vintage and Knit. One of my favorite local fiber artists, Girl With a Sword, sells her yarn there!

Tisha and Camille: Farmhouse Fresh Honey Glaze!

Cori: I love the honey heel glaze; it smells like Christmas!  And anything lavender scented. It’s great for relaxation; something you’ll really need for the holidays.

Molly: The Farmhouse Fresh gift sets – I like the Whoopie Cream set because it comes with the lotion, body wash and candle. And for local Christmas shopping I also recommend visiting Domestica or Preservation!

image16Tiffany and Cyerra: Nail polishes make great gifts

Cammie: Kneipp bath salts. My favorites are Arnica Joint and Muscle and Sweet Dreams. Both are needed around the holidays.  I absolutely encourage anyone I can to go to the Market Day Black Friday sale at Capital Square. Tons of hand crafted small businesses with high quality items. You can buy coffee there while you shop, and usually a few other edible treats. Easy to find something unique and fitting for each person on your list.

Let us help you pick out a perfect gift!  In addition to our great retail items, we have our annual holiday gift card promotion. Now through Christmas Eve stop into the spa and receive a FREE voucher for $20 toward regularly priced weekday services in 2017 with every $100 in gift cards purchased. (Not available with online orders).

Learn more at


Our “Spa Moms” share their mother’s day picks

Not sure what to gevintagepedicuret mom from the spa for mother’s day?  The moms on our team shared what they’d most like to receive as a gift!

Teresa: An indulgent EV Signature Facial is not only relaxing, but will make any mother’s skin glow and give her some pampering!  This is a great way to show her you love and care.”

Tisha: “An EV Signature Massage is a great way to unwind, specifically I love the soothing aromas of honey glaze and sweet cream. It is a good way to release tension in muscles from all the daily running with children.”

Camdine: “Aches and pains are unavoidable being a mom, let a heavenly hot stone massage melt them away!”

Jamee: “A gong fu chai scrub has the relaxing effects of massage while exfoliating your cares away.”

Cammie: “The longest massage I can get! I just want my body to feel better and be taken care of and it isn’t too likely a mom like me would get an 80 minute treatment for herself”

Cassie: I’m not a mom, but I have a mom that LOVES spas!  She doesn’t live in the area so I can’t treat her to services, but she gets to try all of our products and she shared some of her favorites.  From “Mama Chris:” I love my sweet cream and fluffy bunny lotion from Farmhouse Fresh, and the new Citrine Beach sample you sent!  You know I love my bath salts too, the Kneipp Pure Bliss smells so good!”

There you have it!  Stop in to get mom a gift card from April 25th through May 8th to take advantage of our gift card sale, and pick up a little something fun to wrap up with it so she can get a taste of the spa at home. Can’t make it in?  Click here to buy a gift card online (gift card voucher sale does not apply to online gift cards)


Mother’s Day and “Mom”osa event at East Village Spa

We are thrilled to present plans for Mother’s Day 2016!

Momosa Day:

EastVillageSpaMomosaEventThe Spa will be hosting our 3rd annual “Momosa Day” event on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8th.  Guests will enjoy a relaxing full body clementine massage and a mimosa facial (55 minutes each), plus pastries, a mimosa bar, tea, and a gift.

Cost is $215 and includes treatments, tax, gratuities, and goodies.Space is limited to 12 guests and openings are available at 11 am and 2 pm.

Call (515) 309-2904 to schedule mom’s most relaxing mother’s day ever!


Mother’s Day Gift Card Sale:

For the first time, we’re offering our popular holiday $20 treatment voucher program for Mother’s Day!  For every $100 gift card purchased in the spa (not valid with online gift cards)  from April 25-May 8th, 2016, you’ll get a $20 voucher good toward weekday spa services June-September, 2016.  These vouchers work similarly to the vouchers we offer each year in December.  Stop in for more information!

We’re having a fun party to kick-off our first Mother’s Day Gift Card Voucher sale on April 25th from 5-7!  Click here for more information!

Camille at last year's "Momosa" Day event.

Camille at last year’s “Momosa” Day event.

We hope to see you at the party or stopping into the spa to pick up a gift for mom!




Spa Surprises: Dos and Don’ts

Springing a spa visit or massage session on an unsuspecting friend or loved one might seem like a great idea…but unless you are positive the person loves surprises and has been dying to visit the spa you might be best off purchasing a gift certificate.


I’d say at least 50% of visits where a guest is taken to a spa without warning don’t turn out as well as they could have if the guest had warning, regardless of how well-intentioned the giver. This isn’t to say we haven’t had happy surprises, but the happiest guests are people who love being surprised and have usually had enough hints from their partner or family member to know they’re coming to the spa!  (“Hey honey, you  might want to take a shower and wear comfy clothes and not eat a huge meal right before we go out this afternoon…hint, hint!”)

Most common issues with Spa Surprises:


When planning surprises, we all know it can be hard to get someone to run on time without giving them a reason why they have to rush.  Many times a well-meaning spouse has intended to get their loved one to the spa for an appointment but has arrived very late since the recipient scheduled a work meeting or ran long on errands.  Regardless of whether or not they are late, you can still expect to pay for the full session and the recipient is usually frustrated and feeling rushed so it is harder to fully relax.

Health Concerns or Treatment Preference

Perhaps the recipient might not be the best candidate for the service you selected. For example, your mother might already have a massage therapist she loves or might be receiving chiropractic or physical therapy and trying to limit to one wellness service at a time to figure out a solution to an injury and wants to hold off on getting a massage for a bit.

Some spouses book a manicure at our spa for a loved one not understanding that their loved one wears nail enhancements but that we only offer natural nails.  This results in lots of frustration for the guest who wants want acrylics or fills.  Nail surprises are especially tricky now because of the options in gel polishes. Spas operating on an appointment basis really need to know what kind of polish a guests is wearing and if they need a special removal procedure so we have enough time blocked out.  Unless you are positive you know exactly what kind of manicure or pedicure a loved one or friend wants, it is best to let them book their own service so your surprise doesn’t backfire.


The most uncomfortable surprises are where the recipient has no desire to receive a massage but a family member wants to force them to try by springing it on them.  While WE all love massage, we respect that some people don’t want to be touched or have boundary concerns.  Almost always when someone who does not want a massage is pushed into a therapist’s office without warning, the result is a fight with family members, tears, and a very uncomfortable massage therapist stuck in the middle.   If a guest truly doesn’t want a service, your therapist will not do the massage out of respect for their comfort.

Trust us, emotions can run high and it is best to encourage someone hesitant to try massage to meet with a therapist first for a consultation or try a fully clothed or short session at a time that they choose.

Forgetting to plan around the appointment:

Surprising a loved one with an 80 minute hot stone massage and taking them out for a huge lunch first? Yikes!  It is hard to relax on a full stomach.  Picking an unsuspecting spouse up from the gym (sans shower) and dropping them off for a massage is also uncomfortable for all involved.  So many people receiving a surprise visit feel they can’t fully relax because they didn’t have time to prepare or shower first like they normally would or they stress during their service thinking about their long to-do list for afterward.

Also, if you are planning a service like a facial before taking the recipient out to a nice dinner or show and don’t warn them to pack a change of clothing or their cosmetic bag, that can also lead to tension.

Other options that aren’t a total surprise but are really great:

If you aren’t 100% positive that the person you intend to surprise with a spa service will be mentally and physically ready at the time of the appointment, and that you know the exact service and provider they want to see, a gift card might be the best option.

You can purchase a gift card to the spa and propose 2-3 days or times when you or someone else has offered to watch the kids or clean the house so they can enjoy absolute relaxation. Many spas like ours offer convenient online scheduling so pour a glass of wine and cozy up by the computer to plan out your perfect day of relaxation.

Even if the spa visit itself isn’t a surprise, you can drop off flowers or a fun gift for us to present to your loved one after or during their session.  We even had one individual recently leave several cards for his partner with a special note on each one for her to read before each service.  How sweet!



If you feel like your loved one truly would enjoy a surprise visit, call the front desk team and we can offer some ideas of what has worked best in the past and if you don’t plan to surprise them with the visit but want to add a fun element of surprise like a dinner out after or flowers, we can make recommendations for our favorites! If the guest is a regular at the spa, we can easily suggest services they might enjoy without divulging confidential information.

The biggest benefit of planning ahead? Not only will the recipient be able to fully enjoy the best services for their preferences and needs, but they will also get to enjoy the anticipation of their spa day and during a stressful week, there is nothing better than counting down the days and hours until your next massage (well, nothing better except for actually being on the massage table!)


Great ideas for Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

Looking for a fun alternative to wine or flowers for your Thanksgiving host or hostess this year?  We have a few great ideas for you!

Farmhouse Fresh Splendid Dirt Pumpkin Mask: $20

Farmhouse Fresh Splendid Dirt MaskPamper the person who has spent a day in a hot kitchen by giving them a gift that nurtures their skin!  After the guests go home, the host or hostess can unwind with this tingly and super effective pumpkin puree mask and wake up looking and feeling refreshed for Black Friday adventures!

Pure Inventions Cranberry Elderberry OR Apple Wild Cherry Drink Mix: $28.95

pure inventions holiday

These are the PERFECT gift for healthy holidays!  Both of these drink mixes are delicious hot or cold, are sugar and caffeine free, full of healthy natural ingredients, and a great alternative to high calorie, sugary holiday cocktails.  Each bottle contains 60 servings.  At the spa, we toss in a cinnamon stick and cloves for a perfectly spiced treat.

Kneipp bath benefit kit: $22

kneipp bath benefit kitThis kit includes 5 assorted bath salt sachets to help a stressed-out host or hostess unwind after entertaining a house full of guests…and throughout a hectic holiday season.

East Village Spa Gift Cards: Varies!

East Village Spa ServicesIf you’ll be staying with someone for a prolonged visit, nothing says “thank you!” like a trip to the spa!  Plus now we’re offering an extra $20 treatment voucher to enjoy weekdays in 2015 with every $100 in gift cards purchased INSIDE THE SPA (excludes online gift cards) so the recipient can enjoy even more TLC in the new year.