Meet the Male Spa-Goer

The International Spa Association (ISPA) did a study in 2013 to find out how many men use spa services and their preferred services.  At East Village Spa, many of our guests are men and our spa is gender-neutral in decor and in our services, for example, a man and woman would equally benefit from or enjoy any of our treatments (okay, save for the pregnancy massage!)

Some of the most interesting statistics from ISPA’s study:

47% of spa-goers are men

28% of men have visited a spa within the past 12 months.  The typical male spa-goer is most likely to be 25-44 years old.

In the Southwest and California, a much higher than average percentage of men (40%) have visited spas in the last year.

The most popular services that men use in spas are Massage (83%), Pedicures (37%), Manicures (33%), and Facials (31%).  At our spa, the most popular treatments for men are our massage therapies, with the type of massage pretty evenly split between stress-reduction treatments and deep tissue/sports therapies.

At East Village Spa, we are working to combat the stereotype that men don’t go to spas because they do!  Stress, pain, skin and nail concerns are not unique to women, we hope that events like our Men’s Night will help to let men know that spa therapies are a great way to reduce stress, relieve pain, and keep working and doing the activities that they love!

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Author: Cassie

Licensed Massage Therapist for 9 years, business owner since 2007.

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