Why we don’t use whirlpool soaks in pedicures

We’ve finally had 2 days in a row over 60 degrees and many people are taking a look at their toes for the first time of the year!  Our friend, Colleen, from Star 102.5 just asked us some questions about how to know if a nail salon is safe (listen for answers on the air this week) and I figured now would be a perfect time to answer your BIGGEST question about Pedicure Safety:

Why don’t you use whirlpool tubs?  They are so relaxing!

We don’t use whirlpool baths because we think that knowing you are 100% safe is more relaxing than any amount of bubbles in your foot soak.  It is true that there are ways to safely disinfect a whirlpool tub, but many establishments don’t take the time to do so and when a client gets an infection from an unsanitary whirlpool tub it can be very severe!  Instead of whirlpool tubs, we use a bowl with a disposable soak liner.  We dispose of the liner and clean the bowl between clients so you are guaranteed a safe soak. 

If you insist on going somewhere that uses whirlpool jets, it is important to pay attention to how long the establishment lets a hospital grade disinfectant run through their soak tubs.  If it is less than 10 minutes and you don’t see them also scrub down the bowl to remove any debris first, leave.  For example, if you’re waiting in a walk-in salon for a pedicure and you see the technicians turning over clients in the chair with less than 10 minutes of cleaning time, they are not following EPA guidelines, putting you at risk of a Mycobacteria infection (like the outbreak of 110 people diagnosed in California in 2000 linked to improper cleaning of pedicure whirlpool tubs.)

Feel free to ask any of our licensed nail technicians about pedicure safety, they are all happy to talk about our tool sanitation and sterilization procedures and their own training and licensure.  We also send you home with your file, buffer, and even heel file at the end of each visit instead of re-using them on other guests so you can be confident if you visit our spa, you can relax knowing your safety is our primary focus.

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