East Village Spa Proudly Using Rhonda Allison Skin Care!

We have slowly integrated Rhonda Allison skin care products into our facial services this summer, and we are ready to make a full switch in August.  The new clients and long-time facial clients who have tried these products with us love the line as much as we do, but we know many of our clients have questions, so we’d like to answer them here.

Q: Why switch now when you’ve used Derma E so long?

A:  Our clients and estheticians weren’t getting the desired results with Derma E and we wanted a line that offered faster, more dramatic improvements.  Derma E doesn’t offer professional strength products that we can use to add additional refining or potency our facials, but Rhonda Allison has a wide array of products our estheticians can use to customize and enhance their facials to strengthen and refine skin.

Q: How did you choose Rhonda Allison?

A: For months, Camille and Cassie have been consulting with other estheticians and spa owners, researching product lines and ingredients, and having discussions with skin care companies.  Rhonda Allison kept coming out on-top as far as reputation for results, ingredient integrity, and customer satisfaction.  Once we started trying their products and meeting with their educators, the choice was clear.  The clients (and spa employees) who have already made the change with us have affirmed this choice.

Q: Why is the change taking so long? 

A: The Rhonda Allison line is HUGE because it is very customizable.  Our estheticians have been doing training independently and with educators from Rhonda Allison.  The break-room looks like a college library!  Breaks have been spent reading ingredient books, studying products, and taking notes.  In August, Rhonda Allison educators are visiting the spa to provide hands on training in their more intensive products.  It has been really exciting, but time-consuming, to become experts.

Q: Will you continue to carry Derma E?  Will you be having a clearance sale?

A: No.  We will discontinue all of our Derma E products, but you can still purchase them online through the manufacturer and at health food stores.  We will be providing free facials and donating the rest of our Derma E inventory to the women residing at the Beacon of Life Shelter in Des Moines to help them with their unique skin care needs.

Q: What about your Farmhouse Fresh facial products?

A: We will continue to carry the Farmhouse Fresh line as an alternative line.  We love their products for the Farmhouse Fresh Hydrating Back Facial and for the 30 minute Express Facial.  We’re creating a fun and whimsical package that includes the Farmhouse Fresh Back Facial AND a 30 minute Farmhouse Fresh mini facial with our new skincare menu.  These products are also ideal for people who are just looking for a fun facial without making a big change in their routine or skin (i.e. our out-of-town guests).

Q: When can I get a facial with Rhonda Allison Products?

A: Now!  Camille and Cassandra are fully trained, Hannah will be offering Rhonda Allison Facials starting later in July, and Cammie will be offering them in August.  Lydia will no longer be offering facial services as she prepares for her move to California this fall. She hasn’t trained on Rhonda Allison due to her moving plans, but she recommends any of our other excellent and experienced estheticians.

Q: I liked Derma E because it was natural.  Is Rhonda Allison Natural?

A: Yes.  Rhonda Allison is known as a leader in natural, scientific-based skincare.  Read more here.  The website is a wealth of info about ingredients.

Q: Will your facials change much other than the products?

A: You can still expect a super-relaxing experience.  You’ll notice more active ingredients (meaning you might feel them working…this is GOOD!)  Our facials are also getting longer due to the nature of the professional-use-only products used to refine and improve skin.  We’ll be incorporating more relaxation techniques into the treatments due to the longer time the products require to work.  Yay!  We will adjust prices September 1 as needed for the longer services and better quality ingredients, but we will honor all gift cards purchased prior to September 1 for the old price (so stock up on gift cards now!)

Q: What about peels?

A: We typically don’t suggest peels in the summer due to sun exposure post-peel.  We are taking a temporary hiatus from peels until our estheticians are trained in the more effective skin refining procedures from Rhonda Allison in August.  We’ll be ready to help transform your skin this fall!  Click here for the Rhonda Allison before and after photo gallery!  We won’t be offering all of the services in the photo gallery (due to licensing and regulation) but you can expect amazing results.

Book your facial now and request the Rhonda Allison line!

Spring clean your skin with Clarisonic and the perfect mask

Season changes are the perfect time to take a look at your skin care.  Often changes in your skin, like increased oil or dryness act like nature’s reminder to re-evaluate your routine!

One of the best ways go deep clean your skin at home is to use a Clarisonic brush daily.  The Clarisonic Mia (available for retail at the spa) cleans 6x more than your hands alone.  The Clarisonic Smart Profile that we use in our EV Signature Facials cleans 11x more than your hands. Many of our employees shared their thoughts on their Clarisonics:

Katie: “I love my Clarisonic because I get a deeper cleanse which makes it so my products can penetrate deeper in my skin so I can receive maximum benefits from them.”

Lydia says: “Once a week I like to do an “at home facial” and adding the Mia to my routine is important for a deeper clean because it’s hard to do a proper steaming at home so this is a great way to get the job done.”

Cassandra says: “I use either the sensitive or acne brush every evening. It helps keep the acne under control and really keeps the blackheads away. I love using it at night because I can feel and see that all my makeup is off!

Teresa: “I have the Clarisonic Smart profile. I use it almost every day. I love the way it’s made my very sensitive skin feel and look. The timer and change of pressure with this particular model is very helpful for me. Definitely a Smart purchase!”

Cassie: “I thought the Clarisonic would feel like a chore to use, but because you can keep it in the shower (the charge lasts awhile) it is really easy to use and it is great for helping remove post-workout grime and post bike-ride dirt and dust.  Strangely, I also feel like the gentle vibrations over my sinuses when I use the Clarisonic have helped me stay sinus-infection free for the first winter I can remember in 15 years.”


Adding a weekly mask to your skin care routine is also a great way to deep clean pores.  I asked Camille, our treatment manager and Licensed Esthetician which masks are best for which skin types.

  • For sensitive skin, she recommends the Farmhouse Fresh Pajama Paste to soothe, tighten, even, and hydrate skin.
  • For maximum age-defying, she recommends either the Farmhouse Fresh Chocolate Sundae Best mask which infuses skin with coQ10 to lift, firm, and tighten, or the Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Mask which uses Glycolic Acid to gently exfoliate the skin, refine pores, and firm skin.
  • For a deep pore cleanse, choose the Farmhouse Fresh Splendid Dirt mask which is great to unclog pores, or the Farmhouse Fresh Sand Your Ground mask which doubles as an exfoliation treatment.

Lydia, a Licensed Esthetician, suggests that you wash your skin, then apply your mask and leave on 10-15 minutes and remove in the shower.  The steam and shower water will make it easier to loosen the mask.  The easier and more hassle-free, the more likely you will be to stick with it.

masksOne more great way to deep clean your pores for spring is to book a facial with a licensed esthetican.  In addition to a cleanse, mask, steam, exfoliation, massage, and hydrating treatment, estheticians can also manually extract pores, a gentle way to help unclog pores without causing scarring or infection.  To learn more or to schedule a facial at East Village Spa, click here!

30% off select Derma E to make room for NEW Farmhouse Fresh skincare

We love Derma E and have for years but there are just a few products that stand head and shoulders above the rest.  Some of the others aren’t as popular with our estheticians or clients.  We have also felt like there was room for improvement in the array of masks offered.

While we will still carry a huge selection of Very Clear, Evenly Radiant, Soothing, and Hydrating derma e products, we’ll have less of a few other lines.  We’ll no longer be stocking the following Derma E products which are now 30% off while inventory lasts!

  • Several of the glycolic wrinkle-reverse line: Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Cleanser, Deep Wrinkle Serum, Deep Wrinkle Reverse Cream, Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Cream
  • The less popular eye creams: Deep Wrinkle Reverse, Age Defying, and Hydrating (we’re keeping the popular soothing and evenly radiant!)
  • Make-up remover
  • Face and Body Sunscreen (though we’ll likely bring it back in the summer)
  • Firming DMAE cream
  • Age Defying Night Cream, Evenly Radiant Night Cream, and Age Defying + SPF

This will free up a few shelves so we can carry the Farmhouse Fresh masks and serums!  The benefit of the serums is that they’ll work like a serum and eye cream in one, they have been proven effective in clinical trials, and we have really enjoyed working with them.

New Farmhouse Fresh Masks:

Wine Down, Spotted Leaving, and Crow Catcher are great new serum/eye creams you'll find on our shelves and in our facials

Wine Down, Spotted Leaving, and Crow Catcher are great new serum/eye creams you’ll find on our shelves and in our facials

Spotted Leaving: A pigment lightening serum that was voted one of the top 25 anti-aging products by Town and Country Magazine.  In addition, this product contains soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients so is safe for skin prone to redness. ($55)

Wine Down:  This overnight antioxidant recovery serum was clinically tested to check the antioxidant load over leading department store brands.  The results showed 5.6x more antioxidants in the Wine Down serum!  The team at Farmhouse Fresh finds they are able to go with less make-up when using this serum too!  Bonus!  ($55)

Crow Catcher: After several clinical trials, the results are in…Crow Catcher successfully reduces the appearance of even deep lines and wrinkles!  This power-packed serum and eye cream is my personal new favorite.  ($46)

Farmhouse Fresh  Masks:

In addition to the popular Sundae Best mask we've been loving in our special hot cocoa fall facial, we're adding the rest of Farmhouse Fresh's mask line to our treatment and retail mix!

In addition to the popular Sundae Best mask we’ve been loving in our special hot cocoa fall facial, we’re adding the rest of Farmhouse Fresh’s mask line to our treatment and retail mix!

Sundae Best Mask: This softening mask has been a hit in the Hot Cocoa fall facial so we’re keeping it year round!  With Co Q 10 and fruit enzymes it softens, brightens, and tightens skin. ($20)

Splendid Dirt Mask: Deep cleanses pores, shrinks the look of large pores and broken capillaries, and events skin tones.  This mask includes pumpkin puree and smells incredible.  It tingles as it works, boosting circulation and oxygenation of the skin. ($20)

Pajama Paste Mask: Tightens and hydrates skin while reducing redness, this mask does everything but the dishes! This mask has a warming feel as it works so it is good for all but the most sensitive skin (though our employees with fair, sensitive skin have had no issues) ($20)

Sand your Ground Clariying Mask: This 2 for 1 is a mask and exfoliating product in one!  Set it and forget it on your skin, or buff it in for a shiny glow.  As it dries, this mask helps to purify and deep clean your pores.  ($36)


What is Derma E’s Best Selling Product?

Derma E’s top selling product (for us AND company wide!) is their Microdermabrasion Scrub.  It really is “A facial in a jar!”  This finely milled scrub is well-suited for ALMOST all skin types.  The only skin type that should avoid the scrub is people who have inflamed, open acne.

Whether you have dry or oily skin, this scrub will exfoliate dead skin cells, remove impurities, unclog pores, improve circulation, polish the skin, and reduce patchiness and flakiness-especially important in the winter!  Another great benefit of using the Microdermabrasion scrub is that it allows serums and moisturizers to penetrate deeper into the skin, increasing their effectiveness.

We recommend using the scrub 1-2x per week.  Exfoliating the skin is really good, but over-exfoliating the skin doesn’t allow enough time for the cells to turnover between treatments.  This scrub is great because it can be used with just a drop of water after cleansing for a more abrasive scrub, or in the shower with more water for a less abrasive scrub, depending on your skin’s sensitivity level and exfoliation needs.

Derma E's Microdermabrasion Scrub is available at East Village Spa

Derma E’s Microdermabrasion Scrub is available at East Village Spa

This product retails at our spa for just $33.95, lasts a LONG time, and our regular Derma E Special is buy 3 products at once, get one FREE so you can really see the benefits of the scrub when combined with other Derma E serums, cleansers, and moisturizers!

September Staff Picks

We’re excited to share 3 of our favorite products with you this month!  Each of our staff picks will be 10% off throughout September.  I’m sure you’ll see why we love them so much!


Kristiana’s Pick
Farmhouse Fresh Hello Yellow Shea Butter
Kristiana loves this lotion because it smells like summer
and it stays on during all of her outdoor activities.

Cassie’s Pick
Derma E BB Cream
Cassie uses the BB Cream because it’s like magic to cover her
uneven, red and freckly skin tone plus it is one of the only SPF products she’s used that doesn’t irritate her eyes.

Cassandra’s Pick
Derma E Evenly Radiant Serum
Cassandra picks this serum because it is light weight, hydrating and is power packed to lighten sun spots! It feels great to wear alone or under a moisturizer.

Derma E before and after

Our managing esthetician, Camille’s cousin was struggling with her skin and Camille advised her on a simple Derma E skin care regimen.  Her beautiful cousin shared before and after photos with us and gave us permission to share them because she is thrilled with her results.  So are we!

She has been using the following products as directed by Camille for the past two months: Derma E’s Very Clear line for cleansing and moisturizing, Derma E’s exfoliating mask (great for clogged pores) and Microdermabrasian Scrub to mask and exfoliate 1-2 times weekly.


If you want to see a change in your skin, our best advice is to book an appointment for a Wellness Facial with one of our 4 licensed estheticians.  They are experts at helping your skin look and feel great.  We have samples available of some of Derma E’s products as well, feel free to stop in and ask our receptionist to help you select a few samples to try at home.

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