The “Spa Newbie” gets her first professional massage!

Our Intern Alyssa has I have only had two massages before receiving our summer special, the one-hour “Massage on the Rocks” treatment with our therapist Tiffany.  Both of Alyssa’s previous massages were done by students so this was her first professional treatment.  She had the “tough” job of getting her first REAL massage and writing about it for her internship.  Here’s what she thought:

Massage on the Rocks Products

Massage on the Rocks Products

I had only had two massages before getting the Massage on the Rocks at East Village Spa (a one-hour full body massage that incorporates warm and cool stones, Farmhouse Fresh Agave Nectar, and Farmhouse Fresh Watermelon Basil Vodkatini back scrub).

This massage was different from the others because I have only gone to massage schools where I didn’t feel a professional mannerism. I felt at ease with my Massage Therapist, Tiffany.  In the first few minutes she checked with me to make sure that the pressure was just right.  I had a knot underneath my shoulder blade for quite some time.  She used more pressure in that area to work it out.  She also used hot and cold stones which was definitely my favorite part.

The atmosphere at the spa is very relaxing. I felt completely comfortable just resting quietly and not having to speak.  They allow you to get undressed at your own comfort level and  I had no problem doing so. I am the type of person who always thinks of what I need to be doing next. I don’t know that I could fully shut my mind off but it was the closest thing to peace I have had in a long time.  At one point I believe I fell asleep.  I want to go back for another one just thinking about it!

After getting the Massage on the Rocks I would like to try the Two Feet Deep or Athletic Edge Sports massage next.  It would be fun to compare different techniques and finding the best fit for me.

Envious of Alyssa’s great massage?  You can book your OWN Massage on the Rocks through the end of August.  Just click here to go to our online scheduler.  Stay tuned for Alyssa’s last “Spa Newbie” post coming soon…next she tries a Shellac manicure!

Spring clean your skin with Clarisonic and the perfect mask

Season changes are the perfect time to take a look at your skin care.  Often changes in your skin, like increased oil or dryness act like nature’s reminder to re-evaluate your routine!

One of the best ways go deep clean your skin at home is to use a Clarisonic brush daily.  The Clarisonic Mia (available for retail at the spa) cleans 6x more than your hands alone.  The Clarisonic Smart Profile that we use in our EV Signature Facials cleans 11x more than your hands. Many of our employees shared their thoughts on their Clarisonics:

Katie: “I love my Clarisonic because I get a deeper cleanse which makes it so my products can penetrate deeper in my skin so I can receive maximum benefits from them.”

Lydia says: “Once a week I like to do an “at home facial” and adding the Mia to my routine is important for a deeper clean because it’s hard to do a proper steaming at home so this is a great way to get the job done.”

Cassandra says: “I use either the sensitive or acne brush every evening. It helps keep the acne under control and really keeps the blackheads away. I love using it at night because I can feel and see that all my makeup is off!

Teresa: “I have the Clarisonic Smart profile. I use it almost every day. I love the way it’s made my very sensitive skin feel and look. The timer and change of pressure with this particular model is very helpful for me. Definitely a Smart purchase!”

Cassie: “I thought the Clarisonic would feel like a chore to use, but because you can keep it in the shower (the charge lasts awhile) it is really easy to use and it is great for helping remove post-workout grime and post bike-ride dirt and dust.  Strangely, I also feel like the gentle vibrations over my sinuses when I use the Clarisonic have helped me stay sinus-infection free for the first winter I can remember in 15 years.”


Adding a weekly mask to your skin care routine is also a great way to deep clean pores.  I asked Camille, our treatment manager and Licensed Esthetician which masks are best for which skin types.

  • For sensitive skin, she recommends the Farmhouse Fresh Pajama Paste to soothe, tighten, even, and hydrate skin.
  • For maximum age-defying, she recommends either the Farmhouse Fresh Chocolate Sundae Best mask which infuses skin with coQ10 to lift, firm, and tighten, or the Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Mask which uses Glycolic Acid to gently exfoliate the skin, refine pores, and firm skin.
  • For a deep pore cleanse, choose the Farmhouse Fresh Splendid Dirt mask which is great to unclog pores, or the Farmhouse Fresh Sand Your Ground mask which doubles as an exfoliation treatment.

Lydia, a Licensed Esthetician, suggests that you wash your skin, then apply your mask and leave on 10-15 minutes and remove in the shower.  The steam and shower water will make it easier to loosen the mask.  The easier and more hassle-free, the more likely you will be to stick with it.

masksOne more great way to deep clean your pores for spring is to book a facial with a licensed esthetican.  In addition to a cleanse, mask, steam, exfoliation, massage, and hydrating treatment, estheticians can also manually extract pores, a gentle way to help unclog pores without causing scarring or infection.  To learn more or to schedule a facial at East Village Spa, click here!

Our favorite holiday gifts at all prices

It was hard to narrow down our favorite gift choices at the spa, but we certainly have noticed trends in what clients are wanting for themselves…and picking up to give to others.  Here are our favorites!

$10 and Under

Kneipp travel baths and travel massage oils are just $5.50 each!

Kneipp Travel Baths and Massage oils are just $5.50 each!

Zoya nail polishes are just $9 each and Vinylux Polishes and their awesome fast dry top coat are just $9.95 each

gift 13 zoya

$20 and Under

Farmhouse Fresh Hand Cream comes in a variety of delightful scents and whimsical packaging.  This is a perfect gift for teachers, coaches, day care providers and anyone that deserves a fun pampering treat at just $14 each. gift 8 hand cream

Zoya Color Lock Kit Includes everything you need for a flawless Zoya manicure.  Combine with your favorite color. Just $19.95

gift 6 zoya colorlockTherapearl Face Mask looks silly, but is a great gift for anyone who suffers frequent sinus headaches, migraines, or general facial puffiness.  Keep it in the friedge and it is ready to go for instant relief, and it is just $19.95.

gift14 therapearl faceZoya Mini Trio These fun mini polishes are just $12 for 3 (or you can buy individual bottles for $5 each) and make perfect stocking stuffers!  We have assorted trios and lots of individual minis.

gift 5 zoya mini setFarmhouse Fresh Whoopie Cream Candle is the perfect go-to for hostess gifts, friends, work exchanges, and more.  This is Farmhouse Fresh company’s most popular scent.  $20

gift 7 whoopie candle

$30 and under

Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze is our most popular Farmhouse Fresh product and works miracles on dry skin on the hands and heels.  $24

gift 11 honey heelKneipp Bath Benefits Kit Enjoy 5 aroma-therapeutic mineral baths with this set of 5 assorted salt bath sachets.  This is a great gift for people who love natural wellness and home remedies. $24.95

gift 2 kneipp bath benefit kit

Farmhouse Fresh Ginger Lemondrop Gift Set: This zippy set will help beat the winter blues and includes ginger sorbet body milk, citrus grass body scrub, and two peppermint champagne bath bombs, all in one pretty package (also available in Whoopie Cream scent).  $24

gift 8 ginger lemondrop

Pure Inventions Drink Mixes ‘Tis the season of high calorie snacks and beverages! Pure Inventions drink mixes are healthy and delicious, all with no calories, artificial sweetener, or caffeine.  Two of our seasonal favorites, Cranberry Elderberry and Apple Wild Cherry are great served hot with a cinnamon stick to help avoid tempting sugary holiday cocktails.

gift 12 pure inventions

$100 and under

Kneipp Zen 10 Kit is a great gift to help someone help themselves with winter blues, aches and pains, colds, and congestion with enough product for up to 20 remedy baths.  $49

zen10Clarisonic Mia is a great gift for teens, men, and women.  Buying it for a couple?  Grab another cleansing head and they can share the device and just rotate out brushes.  Stop in for pricing and information!

gift 9 clarisonic mia$100 Spa Gift Card What’s better than getting a $100 gift card to East Village Spa?  Enjoying an EXTRA $20 treatment voucher!  When you visit the spa to purchase your gift cards now through Christmas Even 2014, you’ll receive an extra $20 voucher for every $100 in gift cards you purchase.

November Staff Picks Have Been Announced!

November Staff Picks Have Been Announced! As always, enjoy 10% off our favorite products of the month.

Clair’s Pick:  Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze
Clair picks this Farmhouse favorite because of its awesome moisturizing properties! Apply it before bed & while you sleep it transforms your skin from dry & itchy to soft & supple.

Tiffany’s Pick: Pure Inventions Sport Drink
Tiffany likes this product because it’s not a traditional sports drink full of sugar & sodium. Natural electrolytes from Hawaiian sea salt & natural energy from vitamin B12 make this the perfect drink before, after & during your workout!

Cassie’s Pick: Farmhouse Fresh Sparkling Bath Soak
Cassie picks this luxurious soak because it’s great to combat your  dry winter skin. Use it as massage oil or add it to your bath to moisturize those hard to reach places!

Cammie’s Pick: CND Solar Oil
Cammie loves this product for easy home care! A light oil that absorbs quickly to restore & maintain the health of your nails, great for cuticle/skin care too. Use with your favorite polish or on naked nails!

An assortment of our favorite products in November!

An assortment of our favorite products in November!

Enjoy 10% off these products the month of November 2014

30% off select Derma E to make room for NEW Farmhouse Fresh skincare

We love Derma E and have for years but there are just a few products that stand head and shoulders above the rest.  Some of the others aren’t as popular with our estheticians or clients.  We have also felt like there was room for improvement in the array of masks offered.

While we will still carry a huge selection of Very Clear, Evenly Radiant, Soothing, and Hydrating derma e products, we’ll have less of a few other lines.  We’ll no longer be stocking the following Derma E products which are now 30% off while inventory lasts!

  • Several of the glycolic wrinkle-reverse line: Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Cleanser, Deep Wrinkle Serum, Deep Wrinkle Reverse Cream, Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Cream
  • The less popular eye creams: Deep Wrinkle Reverse, Age Defying, and Hydrating (we’re keeping the popular soothing and evenly radiant!)
  • Make-up remover
  • Face and Body Sunscreen (though we’ll likely bring it back in the summer)
  • Firming DMAE cream
  • Age Defying Night Cream, Evenly Radiant Night Cream, and Age Defying + SPF

This will free up a few shelves so we can carry the Farmhouse Fresh masks and serums!  The benefit of the serums is that they’ll work like a serum and eye cream in one, they have been proven effective in clinical trials, and we have really enjoyed working with them.

New Farmhouse Fresh Masks:

Wine Down, Spotted Leaving, and Crow Catcher are great new serum/eye creams you'll find on our shelves and in our facials

Wine Down, Spotted Leaving, and Crow Catcher are great new serum/eye creams you’ll find on our shelves and in our facials

Spotted Leaving: A pigment lightening serum that was voted one of the top 25 anti-aging products by Town and Country Magazine.  In addition, this product contains soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients so is safe for skin prone to redness. ($55)

Wine Down:  This overnight antioxidant recovery serum was clinically tested to check the antioxidant load over leading department store brands.  The results showed 5.6x more antioxidants in the Wine Down serum!  The team at Farmhouse Fresh finds they are able to go with less make-up when using this serum too!  Bonus!  ($55)

Crow Catcher: After several clinical trials, the results are in…Crow Catcher successfully reduces the appearance of even deep lines and wrinkles!  This power-packed serum and eye cream is my personal new favorite.  ($46)

Farmhouse Fresh  Masks:

In addition to the popular Sundae Best mask we've been loving in our special hot cocoa fall facial, we're adding the rest of Farmhouse Fresh's mask line to our treatment and retail mix!

In addition to the popular Sundae Best mask we’ve been loving in our special hot cocoa fall facial, we’re adding the rest of Farmhouse Fresh’s mask line to our treatment and retail mix!

Sundae Best Mask: This softening mask has been a hit in the Hot Cocoa fall facial so we’re keeping it year round!  With Co Q 10 and fruit enzymes it softens, brightens, and tightens skin. ($20)

Splendid Dirt Mask: Deep cleanses pores, shrinks the look of large pores and broken capillaries, and events skin tones.  This mask includes pumpkin puree and smells incredible.  It tingles as it works, boosting circulation and oxygenation of the skin. ($20)

Pajama Paste Mask: Tightens and hydrates skin while reducing redness, this mask does everything but the dishes! This mask has a warming feel as it works so it is good for all but the most sensitive skin (though our employees with fair, sensitive skin have had no issues) ($20)

Sand your Ground Clariying Mask: This 2 for 1 is a mask and exfoliating product in one!  Set it and forget it on your skin, or buff it in for a shiny glow.  As it dries, this mask helps to purify and deep clean your pores.  ($36)


10% off October Staff Picks of the Month

Camille’s Pick: Farmhouse Fresh Sundae Best Chocolate Mask
Camille loves this mask because you can feel it working by the tingly feeling you get, plus you get hydration AND  anti-aging benefits. Not to mention it smells delicious!

Farmhouse Fresh Sundae Best Mask

Cassie’s Pick: Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch
Cassie chooses this product because it’s so helpful for her nagging low back pain and it’s easy to wear a patch at work or in bed.

tiger balm patch

Cammie’s Pick Farmhouse Fresh Triple Shot Caramel Coffee Scrub
Cammie picks this scrub because of the coffee to exfoliate and shea butter to moisturize. She also loves the aroma, it reminds her of a warm sweet coffee drink for fall!

triple shot caramel coffee

Enjoy 10% off these products the month of October 2014

September Staff Picks

We’re excited to share 3 of our favorite products with you this month!  Each of our staff picks will be 10% off throughout September.  I’m sure you’ll see why we love them so much!


Kristiana’s Pick
Farmhouse Fresh Hello Yellow Shea Butter
Kristiana loves this lotion because it smells like summer
and it stays on during all of her outdoor activities.

Cassie’s Pick
Derma E BB Cream
Cassie uses the BB Cream because it’s like magic to cover her
uneven, red and freckly skin tone plus it is one of the only SPF products she’s used that doesn’t irritate her eyes.

Cassandra’s Pick
Derma E Evenly Radiant Serum
Cassandra picks this serum because it is light weight, hydrating and is power packed to lighten sun spots! It feels great to wear alone or under a moisturizer.

Fall specials and new products (and not a hint of pumpkin anywhere)

We are so excited to present our fall specials, available September through November.  You’ll notice we’re taking a stand against everything pumpkin scented so you’ll notice no hint of pumpkin pie in this year’s specials!

Not at East Village Spa!

Not at East Village Spa!

Warm Spiked Cider Massage: 60 Minutes

This relaxing and warming massage is a great full-body treatment with extra TLC for the muscles in your back with warm massage stones and a Farmhouse Fresh Bourbon Sugar Scrub on your back to boost circulation.  Your therapist will remove the scrub with hot towels soaked in a cider milk.  A caramel cream and hot stone foot massage top off this perfect fall treatment.

Hot Cocoa Facial: 60 minutes

A sweet treat from head to feet with a cleanse, exfoliation, and hydration, PLUS the delectable and softening Farmhouse Fresh Sundae Best Chocolate Mask for your face and a hydrating toasted marshmallow shea butter mask to hydrate your feet!  Not only will your skin feel great, but your body and mind will be relaxed after the included face, neck, scalp, hand, arm, and foot massage!

Toasted Marshmallow Mani/Pedi Upgrade: 10 minutes

Add a warm toasted marshmallow hydrating shea butter mask to your Wellness or Eco Mani or Pedi to soothe dry hands and heels.

New Products!

Fall is one of our favorite times of year for new products.  The fall Zoya polish shades are already a hit in manicures and pedicures and are available for purchase too!

Zoya entice and ignite Fall 2014 collection available now!

Zoya entice and ignite Fall 2014 collection available now!


We’re bringing out fall flavors from the Farmhouse Fresh line too!  Our favorite fall picks are the Bourbon Bubbler Body Scrub made with real bourbon, the Back Country Caramel Sweet Cream body and hand lotions, and the Triple Shot Caramel Coffee Shea Butter Body Scrub.

Our new Farmhouse Fresh fall selections

Our new Farmhouse Fresh fall selections


Still craving your favorite summer products?  We’ll be offering 25% off select Zoya colors and Farmhouse Fresh summer scents starting next week.