Get to know JoLynn Evans, Licensed Esthetician and Nail Technician

JoLynn Evans joined our team in 2018, but her career in esthetics started long before. Prior to joining our team, she had experience working with Rhonda Allison Skin Care and was certified by Hydrafacial, and was a loyal fan of the type of wax products we use in services. She has quickly fit in with our team and our clients.

When and where did you receive your career training?

I studied Early Childhood Education and Performing Arts at Iowa State. I received my esthetics training at Capri College in Cedar Rapids and became a licensed esthetician in 2004. I graduated with my nail tech license from La James in Johnston in 2015, and attended Iowa School of Beauty for my Cosmetology Arts and Sciences Instructor license in 2016. I was fortunate to have a mentor in Dr. Kim Schulz in Coralville, IA. I worked at her Dermatology clinic right out of estthetics school and she was always willing to show me what she was doing with her patients and keep me up to date on the latest skin care information.

What are your specialties?

Brow waxing, skincare for highly pigmented skin, acne management, chemical peels, and Hydrafacial. I’m extremely passionate about skin cancer prevention. For nails, I love doing Shellac manicures and nail art (book extra time for that!)

Why did you go into this field?

Originally, to become a make up artist, then once I learned more about skin and skin care, I was hooked! Plus, the best foundation is great skin. I’ve always loved giving and receiving manicures and pedicures and I almost went to nail school before I even knew what an esthetician was.

Describe your treatment style in 3 words:

Thorough, relaxing, safe

What is your favorite East Village Spa service to give:

Any facial (especially for acne management or highly pigmented skin)

What is your favorite East Village Spa service to receive?


What is your favorite East Village Spa Retail Product?

Not fair…there are so many! I love anything with hyaluronic acid in it and I think people need to wear sunscreen every day of the year. A few specifics I especially love are Rhonda Allison’s Mandelic Argenine Serum, Ultra Hydration Cream, and C-Stem Cell Serum.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I love art, spending time with my twin daughters, watching and participating in theater products. I also love to sing. For fitness, I’m a fan of yoga and pilates. A few of my favorite TV shows are Grey’s Anatomy (still!), How to Get Away with Murder, and This is Us.

Why should guests book with YOU?

I’m going to take great care of you,  help you relax, and keep your skin and nails healthy.

What are guests saying about JoLynn?

“She did a great Brazilian wax! JoLynn was professional, her technique was comfortable, she got all the hair, and didn’t make me feel weird or awkward about getting a Brazilian. I’d definitely return to see her for another service!”

To schedule a service with JoLynn, click here. Select “Specific service” from the drop down menu and then click her name to check her specific availability and register your booking as a request.

Get to know Cyerra Kemp, Licensed Esthetician and Nail Technician

Cyerra Kemp joined our team in 2015.  Her infectious laughter fills the spa and we honestly don’t know how our team survived without Cyerra! She’s got a fun style and her clients love that she can always make them laugh during the more sensitive services like Brazilian waxing. She is a very detail-oriented nail technician and mentors new co-workers. She’s incredibly dedicated to her career and her clients.

How long have you been in the industry?

I graduated from PCI’s nail tech and esthetics programs in 2015. I’ve been working at East Village Spa since.

What are your specialties?

Shellac (I can do precise French tips and fun nail art if you book the extra time!), Brazilian waxing, and acne facials.

Why did you get into this industry?

I love making people’s nails beautiful and showing my creativity through nails.  I get joy from helping others feel good after a long day.

Describe your treatment style in 3 words:

Passionate, comfortable, caring

What is your favorite service to give?

Hydrafacials. Brazilian waxing, Shellac manicures

What is your favorite service to receive?


What is your favorite retail product?

Rhonda Allison Growth Factor Serum-It helps with healing acne and lesions. I also love the Rhonda Allison Arnica Therapy. I call that the miracle cream.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my family and four children. We love to go swimming and go to the movies.

Why should guests visit YOU

I have an infectious laugh and fun personality. If you want nail art, I’m your girl! (Note: Cyerra is TOO modest. Her clients adore her and can’t wait to see her. She’s like a BFF they can’t wait to catch up with).

What are clients saying about Cyerra?

“Cyerra was the best spa technician I have had yet. My experience with her makes it worth driving past many other salons to visit East Village Spa.”

“I love Cyerra and she gives fab pedicures and we always have fun catching up.”

“Cyerra is a seriously amazing esthetician. She has the best, most bubbly personality, and her jokes are welcome and hilarious, too. Cyerra always does a great job on nails, and I get tons of compliments. I loved following her on instagram, and I always tell people she’s my favorite. If I’m going to book online, I always look for her name first! Cyerra is a huge reason I’ve kept coming back to the East Village Spa! ”

To book an appointment for a with Cyerra, click here!  If you want to add nail art, please add an upgrade for french tips or Rockstar Nails so that ample time is allowed. To mark your booking as a request, select “Specific Therapist” option from the drop down menu, then her name.



Get to Know Cassandra Lacina-Griffin!

Cassandra Lacina-Griffin joined our team in 2013, with over a decade of skincare and nail care experience, Cassandra provides expert skin care, manicures, pedicures, and facial waxing services to her guests.

What are your licenses and how long have you been in this field?

I have my bachelors in communication and theater from Wartburg. I graduated from the nail technology and esthetics programs at La James in Cedar Falls in 2006. Prior to working at East Village Spa, Cassandra worked at Winding Stream Spa in Tama for several years.

What are your specialties?

Hydrafacial, chemical peels, working with people who have acne, rosacea, or sensitive skin, and shellac manicures.

What made you decide to pursue a career in this field?

As a child, I always wanted to play dress up, then came make up and nail polish. As I got older I loved reading about skincare in magazines and in middle school my friends and I polished each others’ nails. I did make up for theater in high school and continued doing make up for the theater department at Wartburg. I always wanted to learn more and try new products so I decided to get a skin care degree.

Describe your treatment style in 3 words:

precise, efficient, and knowledgeable

What are your favorite services to give?

The deluxe Hydrafacial, wellness facial, chemical peels, body scrub

What are your favorite services to receive?

The 75 minute Wellness Massage and the Deluxe Hydrafacial

What is your favorite product at the spa?

Mandelic Arginine Serum from Rhonda Allison for gentle exfoliation and age-defying properties.

What do you do in your free time?

I work part time at Jett and Monkey’s Dog Shop, foster dogs and volunteer for local animal rescues. I love traveling, especially Hawaii. My new favorite sport is stand up paddle boarding!

Why should clients visit YOU?

I have over a decade of skincare and nail care experience and I love helping my clients to find ways to achieve their skin care goals. I also provide an expert, precisely polished Shellac manicure.

What are clients saying about Cassandra?

“Cassandra is hospitable, conversational, and skilled. She’s the whole package.”

“Cassandra has waxed my eyebrows several times and she’s always so professional and does a great job. She’s such a sweet person, is very easy to talk to, and I love seeing her!”

“I hadn’t be in for a year, but Cassandra still remembered me. It was a nice touch.”

Want to schedule a facial, wax, manicure or pedicure with Cassandra?  Click here to book online! If you wish to make a specific request to see Cassandra, please select “Specific Therapist” and her name from the drop down menu.

Get to know Camille!

Camille Arbegast has been a valuable member of our team since she joined us as to provide nail and skin care services in February 2012.  Camille is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve met, and since 2014, she’s been our managing technician, mentoring our new team members and ensuring that all of our services providers have the tools and training that  they need to do great work!


What licenses do you have and how long have you been in the industry?

I graduated from PCI in Ames with a cosmetology degree in 2010 and esthetics degree in 2011.

What are your specialties?

I specialize in relaxing, yet corrective facials (including Hydrafacial), general Rhonda Allison product and ingredient knowledge, and waxing. I’m especially known for great female Brazilian waxing.

Why did you choose this field?

My first job was as a receptionist at a hair salon, which sparked an interest in taking care of and helping people. That initial interest grew into my passion.

Describe your treatment style in 3 words:

Professional, gentle, and calming

What is your favorite service to give?

Brazilian waxes and corrective facials. I love helping my clients figure out the puzzle of what works and what doesn’t work for them.

What is your favorite service to receive?

Massage therapy-my body needs it!

What is your favorite spa retail product?

I love the Rhonda Allison Ultra Hydration Creme.

What do you do in your free time?

I love motorcycle riding with my husband, cuddling my dogs, and traveling to tropical islands.

Why should clients visit YOU?

I genuinely care about every client that visits me. I always take time to educate and help clients with all of their concerns, questions, and skin care goals.

What are clients saying about Camille?

“Camille is amazing! She does great work, is so professional, and very friendly. I’ve been seeing her for over a year now and I look forward to seeing her and chatting.”

“Camille is a waxing wizard. She does an amazing job, she makes you feel 100% comfortable and is incredibly fast.”

“Camille is always friendly and makes you feel welcome. There is a calmness about her that makes you feel right at home. She takes the time to truly look at your skin and makes every effort to help your specific areas, without being pushy. And her massage techniques during facials are amazing!! I always feel great after receiving a service from her.”

Want to schedule a facial, wax, manicure or pedicure with Camille?  Click here to book online! If you wish to make a specific request to see Camille, please select “Specific Therapist” and her name from the drop down menu.