November Staff Picks Have Been Announced!

November Staff Picks Have Been Announced! As always, enjoy 10% off our favorite products of the month.

Clair’s Pick:  Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze
Clair picks this Farmhouse favorite because of its awesome moisturizing properties! Apply it before bed & while you sleep it transforms your skin from dry & itchy to soft & supple.

Tiffany’s Pick: Pure Inventions Sport Drink
Tiffany likes this product because it’s not a traditional sports drink full of sugar & sodium. Natural electrolytes from Hawaiian sea salt & natural energy from vitamin B12 make this the perfect drink before, after & during your workout!

Cassie’s Pick: Farmhouse Fresh Sparkling Bath Soak
Cassie picks this luxurious soak because it’s great to combat your  dry winter skin. Use it as massage oil or add it to your bath to moisturize those hard to reach places!

Cammie’s Pick: CND Solar Oil
Cammie loves this product for easy home care! A light oil that absorbs quickly to restore & maintain the health of your nails, great for cuticle/skin care too. Use with your favorite polish or on naked nails!

An assortment of our favorite products in November!

An assortment of our favorite products in November!

Enjoy 10% off these products the month of November 2014

September Staff Picks

We’re excited to share 3 of our favorite products with you this month!  Each of our staff picks will be 10% off throughout September.  I’m sure you’ll see why we love them so much!


Kristiana’s Pick
Farmhouse Fresh Hello Yellow Shea Butter
Kristiana loves this lotion because it smells like summer
and it stays on during all of her outdoor activities.

Cassie’s Pick
Derma E BB Cream
Cassie uses the BB Cream because it’s like magic to cover her
uneven, red and freckly skin tone plus it is one of the only SPF products she’s used that doesn’t irritate her eyes.

Cassandra’s Pick
Derma E Evenly Radiant Serum
Cassandra picks this serum because it is light weight, hydrating and is power packed to lighten sun spots! It feels great to wear alone or under a moisturizer.

May 2014 Staff Product Picks

We’re excited to announce our May 2014 Staff Product Picks!  Each of these staff favorites will be 10% off for the entire month of May!

Katie’s Pick

Derma E Age Defying Day Cream with SPF 15

Katie loves that this moisturizer is very hydrating and now that she’s outside more, she likes the light SPF protection too.


Justin’s Pick

Tiger Balm Products

Justin likes that this warming product really works!  He uses the salve during Sports Massages and uses it personally for his post workout pain.  He also likes how easy the patches are to use.


Cassie’s Pick

Pure Inventions Drink Mixes

Cassie likes this calorie-free alternative to high sugar cocktails and mixers for a light summer drink.  Mix it with sparkling water and serve over ice or try a dropper full of Blueberry (her favorite!) in a glass of champagne for a fun patio cocktail.  One of our clients said it works great with her soda stream!


Tiffany’s Pick

Farmhouse Fresh Agave Nectar

Tiffany loves this light hydrating oil.  It is perfect for moisturizing in the summer, right after the shower.  She picked it for the subtle, sweet fragrance of the Agave Nectar.


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