Our COVID-19 response

To Our Amazing Guests,

We closed our spa to protect public health on March 16th. On March 17th, the Governor announced that health spas needed to close as part of the COVID-19 emergency declaration. We strongly agree with this. No amount of cleaning and caution can stop the spread of this challenging virus in a spa setting, especially with so many people asymptomatic, yet contagious.

I personally want to thank you for the kind words, online gift card sales, and support during this very strange and scary time. I can assure you that we will be back in business, as soon as we are allowed to AND as long as we do not feel we would jeopardize health of our team, guests, and community. Our providers are like family to me and each other. We’re chatting frequently and eating too many cookies. Our dogs are thrilled.

As people who are drawn to caring professions, it is a challenge when the best way we can care for others is NOT to provide services to them.

This is a temporary setback and the business was prepared (as well as we could be) for an emergency. I can assure you, we will survive this shut down. Please keep in touch with us while we are closed, we’ll pass on any well-wishes to your providers. We’re checking e-mails, texts, and voicemails on weekdays. Tune into our Facebook and Instagram feeds. We have quite a bit of time on our hands to create content we hope will make the time at home a bit easier for all of you! We’re working on building a webstore and making some other updates we’ve had on the back burner.

We wish you good health and moments of peace and calm. We’ll save some of our yummy chocolates for you to enjoy when we’re back!

Cassie Sampson, LMT

Owner, East Village Spa

East Village Spa Chocolates

Author: Cassie

Licensed Massage Therapist for 9 years, business owner since 2007.

7 thoughts on “Our COVID-19 response”

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      We’ll be reopening soon-ish in phases. We believe that just because we legally “could” open in May, it was not ethical or wise for us to do so as we didn’t have the tools or information we needed to be confident in our ability to reduce risk enough. In the last month, we’ve fine tuned our space, products and procedures and studied emerging information about virus and implications for our providers (i.e. managing blood clot risks for asymptomatic carriers) so we’re more comfortable returning and taking care of our guests responsibly. We look forward to seeing you soon!
      Cassie, Owner

    1. Hi Ann,
      We’re waiting a bit longer, but we will open in a limited capacity this summer. Your gift card won’t expire, I promise! We will be able to offer manicures and pedicures when we reopen and have put lots of risk management procedures in place. We’ll post updates on our Facebook page.
      Thank you!
      Cassie, Owner

    1. Hi Steven,
      We do have a plan to reopen, we are doing so in phases bit by bit to reduce the risk of needing to close again. We will be updating on social media . It is a bit daunting to reschedule 3 months of guests with our social distancing limitations but we’re about to start that process. We appreciate your patience as we’ve all gotten comfortable with our risk management plan so we can provide the best services possible within our temporary new reality. Hope to see you soon-ish!
      Cassie, Owner

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