A manicure to remember

I received the sweetest phone call from a client recently.  She brought one of her family members who is living with Alzheimer’s disease to visit us for several services.  Her family member was a lovely woman and she smiled throughout her services.  The client called us later to say that while her loved one didn’t remember the massage afterward, she enjoyed it in the moment and that is what counted.

She did say though, that the manicure was especially nice for her loved one because of the compliments she received afterward at church and from friends who noted how pretty her hands looked.  She also said that while her loved one didn’t remember receiving the manicure, every time she looked at her beautifully polished nails, she knew something special had happened and was happy.bloghand

This call brightened my day.  Remember to enjoy pleasant moments as they happen and I wish you a week full of happy surprises and moments that make you smile.